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When you come home after a long day, you’re looking for rest and relaxation, that's exactly what you’ll get day in and day out at The Hudson Apartment Homes. You’ll love entertaining friends in our plush community clubhouse or enjoy a friendly game with your neighbors on the sand volleyball and lighted tennis courts. Stay active by swimming in one of our five sparkling swimming pools or head over to our fitness center for a quick workout. With all this, plus a convenient business center, private dog park and beautiful outdoor picnic area, not to mention stunning interiors apartment homes, The Hudson Apartments in Arlington has everything you’re looking for and so much more.


Kristie K.

I relocated here for work and I have not been disappointed yet! The staff at The Hudson, Norma and Alex have been wonderful to us! All my concerns have been addressed immediately. The place has been fixed up, so it's not brand new, but it is a very well kept property. I've read the reviews from the past and at first reluctant to look, but I'm glad we did! The reviews are old and they deserve better praise now than what is on here! I've always been treated with respect. I'm a complicated and needy person and I must say, all my expectations have been met. Pet friendly! Although I paid more for my dogs than I did for me to move in, they are my babies. I look forward to this next year!

Amy H.

I posted a good review when I first moved in. I take it back. These office people are a mess.

Jica P.

Ok let me start by saying how the management sucks and how rude the staffs in the office are especially Jackie who is the supervisor/assistant supervisor. She's always been rude every time we're in the office and she even embarrassed this tenant in front of everyone one time. But going on to the main problem, we moved out 2 months ago so we asked for our deposit return. She won't give our deposit return back because her reason was the stove was not clean and they had to buy the kitchen cleaner AND because of that she won't give our 0 back. That is very illogical first of all a kitchen cleaner only cost less than ! We were good tenants we always paid early-- never late. We had always kept our apartment clean. We never wore our outside shoes inside our apartment. We made sure that before we moved out that everything was clean we even scrubbed from the sinks to the plug socket. There are times no matter how much you scrub the stove top the stain will always be there but this is no reason not to return our money back. If they needed to get the kitchen cleaner why didn't they just deduct that from the 0 and return the rest of our money back to us? We really felt cheated. Do yourself a favor and don't stay at this apartment.

Ati M.

my apartment is actually nice and updated which is one of the reason I ended up renting with The Hudson. The main reason i ended up coming to The Hudson is because I have family that also has lived on the property and she explained that she has enjoyed her stay here. When I first moved in everything was fine. I had a few issues here and there but things were getting fixed..... unfortunately after about a month or so i started experiencing some serious issues. The first problem I was having is when I was requesting maintenance, I was never informed that maintenance was in my apartment. I checked the box that say please inform me before you enter but they never do. I have to come home to find everything in my house discombobulated to know maintenance was there. Which is very scary when you are a female living alone! Secondly, I have a smart home. I hate it! My door would open on its own. I reached out to Alejandro, the property manager, he basically said its my fault that my door is always opening on its own because I gave someone the code. I actually thought it may have been my fault but after the second and third time, I knew this was not something I had done. I would come home from work or being gone all day and see my apartment door wide open!!!! Zego came out to fix my apartment and they realized the lock had been installed wrong.. Second issue I was having, I was being bit at night. I was starting to believe I may have had bed bugs.. pest control came but discovered nothing.. again Alejandro told me if I have bed bugs I brought them... I moved into this apartment with nothing but clothes. No bed no couch no pots and pans nothing but myself! Now i am dealing with a serious ROACH problem... after i explained that I was having a problem and pest control was suppose to be coming to my house on a weekly basis Alejandro reached out to me to ask if he could come to my apartment that day and take a look at what I was seeing.. I was totally pissed off by this because you cannot email me asking to come by the same day. I have a job. Secondly, he should have asked to see what I was dealing with when the problem was first brought to his attention. Third, as far as i know, roaches are nocturnal. I am not going to invite you to my house and try to find roaches to show you! its like he took it as a joke and he didn't really believe I had roaches. I have literally been taking pictures of bugs to send to this man because he doesn't believe me and for some reason the pest control team sees nothing..and i just want to mention when I first moved in a I knew something was weird and they probably had a roach problem because under every sink there were cotton balls with white residue on them.. Once I had to pest control team come in I came back and realized all the cotton balls were removed. They were trying to keep something away!. I am just so put off by The Hudson and SAD, FRUSTRATED, DISAPPOINTED. I literally hate being at home because when I am there I see roaches crawling around. I hate to invite people over its embarrassing and I am not a dirty person! And apparently I just have to deal with this until the problem is solved. I can't wait until my lease is up. =( I have also contacted s2 residential office.. THEY NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE. I WOULD NEVER RENT FROM S2 AGAIN. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GARBAGE! UPDATE 8/16/2018 - ON TOP OF HAVING A ROACH PROBLEM I WAS TOLD MY APARTMENT WOULD BE SPRAYED ON A BI WEEKLY BASIS... THEY HAVE STOPPED SPRAYING WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME. ONCE I ASKED WHY THEY ARE NO LONGER SPRAYING THEY TRIED TO SAY THEY WERE STILL DOING SO. GOOD THING I HAVE A SMART HOME BECAUSE I HAVE PROOF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN SPRAYING LIKE THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULD! SOMEONE FINALLY CAME THE NEXT WEEK AND THEY STAYED IN THE HOUSE FOR A TOTAL OF 1 MINUTE... I DOUBT THEY TOOK THE TIME TO SPRAY ANYTHING. THIS JUST GOES TO SHOW THEY DO NOT CARE LIKE I SAID! DO NOT MOVE HERE YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Melvin C.

I been claim about air filter, lights broken, air conditioning, carpet damage and they never come to fixed they close the work order even when they don't come to check the unit I am really disappointed I don't recommend this complex at all I can't wait to my contract get over to move out of here. It was very good this complex but from one year ago this is so bad place to live.

Talese N.

I've been here since May of this year and I absolutely hate it. I moved in because there are really nice upgrades and the apartments are really spacious but that's the only good thing I can say. My apartment was broken into and the front door was kicked off the hinges. I come home to a wide open door. I have a child. That is scary. After filing a police report I took it to the office where tyrese scanned it in and told me the door will be fixed. That was in August. Over the past months we kept calling to come have the door fixed but we kept receiving excuses. Tyrese and Alex both came and looked at the door in mid August I would say. We kept calling to see when they would come fix it and they kept saying they would, they were just really busy. That is a safety hazard! My door would just swing open on its own. We had to learn to slam the door and hurry and lock it just for it to stay closed. My fiancée went up there last week (November) and was told that no one was going to fix it because the way the door was kicked in wasn't considered a break in and they never had the police report. I'm like what??? Alex and tyrese both came to the house together so for Alex to say something like that was confusing. He asked for it again which my fiancée refused saying they already have it- which they do! They finally fixed it and here it is December. Maintenance is terrible. You really have to go down and make a fuss for them to come up and fix things. My garbage disposal was stopped up when first moving in in May. Wasn't fixed until maybe July or end of June. The smell was awful. Also all the plumbing has been off since summer. They came to fix it around the end of November this year. The paint is chipping In the master bedroom, making it look dirty. It only gets hot and cool in 1 room since they won't come and change the air filters. The temp for the faucets either get really hot or Antarctica cold, u have to set it and carefully pull the lever to get it just right. The smart lock that I pay extra for only has a few buttons that work. So I'm forced to use a code with only about 6 buttons that actually work -- that ALSO was not installed AT ALL upon moving in, until about 3 months later, then it was installed improperly for another 1 month. It's a pet friendly community so it's pet waste all over, they don't enforce the rules so the smell is terrible. Nobody does their job, they shuffle people around in the office, there is always someone new you don't know in there who don't know what to do. We reached out to s2 property management and left several voicemails but never received a call back, and the only number we have for the upper management only leads to this one man with that 1 voicemail that we have left several voicemails on. That is terrible! I've lived in bad apartments before but this is by far the absolute worst. I will not be renewing with them and can't wait until my lease is over with. Next time I move somewhere I will pay more attention to the reviews

About The Hudson Apartments  and reviews